Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shiny Happy Book Club: “MWF Seeking BFF”

I am seriously starting to believe that HelloGiggles was sent to me by a higher power. A few days ago I came across an article on making new girlfriends, which I found very interesting, and today I come across this article. I have always had a 'difficult' time making friends. As a child I was always very shy and insecure, I always hung back, to insecure to start conversations. As I grew into a teenage, the same pattern continued...though I'm sure that the fact I was fat didn't help. Being overweight made me second guess myself, made me talk myself out of speaking up and introducing myself to people. I would see other overweight teens/young adult and I would wonder, 'how the heck are they doing it?'.

Anyway, somehow I made it out of that awkward stage of my life. I'm not saying I'm completely outgoing, but I'm better. Now I'm at a stage in my life where I don't really have a set of go to girl friends. I have one. Cristina and I reconnected a couple years ago, she's great, but apart from her, I'm usually flying solo. It's actually kind of pathetic, MLK day I took myself to the movies, alone, at noon to watch New Years Eve...I was surrounded by annoying, loud teenagers. SMH.

Anyway, like I was saying at the start, I think a higher power might be suggesting that I get out there, leave fear and insecurity behind, and make new potential friends....have I mentioned my make up consultant at Clinique seems pretty cool?

Shiny Happy Book Club: “MWF Seeking BFF”


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